Ho99o9 at Buffalo Billiards:

I was tipped off about Ho99o9 because I saw on Twitter that the New Jersey hardcore/hip-hop band's Wednesday night show had been shut down in the middle of its second song due to an out-of-control mosh pit. At SXSW, sometimes you just need to follow the leads and forget the long list of bands you came hoping to see, so I went to Buffalo Billiards seeking noise, hardcore beats and some serious raging against the machine. The trio more than delivered. They hit the stage right on time at 12:10, and for 28 glorious and refreshing (albeit punishing) minutes they flexed their rock muscles. With a live drummer, grinding electronics and the intense screamo co-vocals of Eaddy and theOGM, the trio conjured Bad Brains, Big Black, Rob Zombie and Black Flag. Ho99o9's set was revelatory. Flailing across the stage and into the pit, the singers exuded complete control of their noise and vision. Just when you thought they couldn't expend any more energy, Eaddy ended the set with a back flip — an expression of the musical liberation they'd achieved. —Bruce Warren, WXPN

Full article: http://www.npr.org/sections/allsongs/2017/03/17/519722776/what-we-loved-at-sxsw-on-thursday



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